Operating system support matrix

NodeBeagle uses a lightweight agent that runs in the background of your device, collecting statistics and uploading it over a connection secured by TLS.

The agent is built in Go, so NodeBeagle’s data collection and remote command features should run on any Linux distribution that uses kernel 2.6.23 or later.

NodeBeagle’s package management features, however, are distribution-specific.

Distribution Version Data Collection Remote Commands Package Management
CentOS Stream 8      
  6 (EOL)      
Redhat Enterprise Linux* 8.4      
Fedora Linux 35      
  33 (EOL)      
Debian 11      
  8 (EOL)      
Ubuntu 21.10      
  21.04 (EOL)      
  20.10 (EOL)      
  20.04 LTS      
  18.04 LTS      
  16.04 LTS (EOL)      
Rocky Linux 8.4      
AlmaLinux 8.4      


* Notes for Redhat Enterprise Linux

Additional, minor releases of Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 or 8 may be supported. We can test on any version that is available on a Redhat Developer subscription. Please raise a ticket if you'd like us to test a different version.

NodeBeagle does not provide update packages for any distribution, so a valid Redhat subscription is still required to obtain updates from Redhat.


Don’t worry if your distribution isn’t listed - log a ticket with the details of what you’re running and we’ll see what we can do to help.

NodeBeagle currently runs on Linux only but we are committed to developing a Windows and BSD-compatible agent in the future (dependent on OS support.)


Versions marked EOL are end-of-life and are no longer supported. We do not support running the agent on EOL operating systems.

  Fully supported and tested
  Supported but untested
  Not supported

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