Can I switch between the Standard and Pro plans?

You can absolutely switch between the Standard and Pro plans at any time.

Navigate to the device’s page you wish to switch and select the Settings tab.

Click the “Change price plan” button under the “Billing / Service plan” heading.

This will have an impact on your costs depending on the current billing interval and the change you have made:

Hourly-billed devices

  • Hourly-billed devices switching between Standard and Pro will simply start to accrue costs at the rate of the new plan.
  • Changing an hourly-billed device to monthly billing will take a pro-rated payment and the device will stop accruing hourly usage fees immediately.

Monthly-billed devices

  • Switching a monthly-billed device between Standard and Pro will take a pro-rated payment immediately. Switching between Pro and Standard will issue a pro-rated account credit that will automatically be used on future invoices.
  • Changing a monthly-billed device to hourly billing will not issue a pro-rated refund or credit for the un-used time, as it is a monthly commitment. The device will start to accrue hourly usage fees immediately. We recommend you make this change as close to the end of the month as possible to reduce the hourly fees that overlap.


In all cases, you will be advised of the relevant changes to your costs before confirming the change. The new plan will take effect immediately.